iotty Smart Home Gift Card

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Give them a gift to remember. Purchase an iotty Smart Home e-Gift card & receive it immediately - no more wondering if your gift will arrive on time!

Your e-gift card will be sent to your e-mail address immediately after purchase. You can then print it or e-mail it to your recipient. If you need any support with your purchase please e-mail us:

We can not refund the purchase of a gift card. 

Crafted using Italian ingenuity and design, the IOTTY Smart Switch is made to fit seamlessly into your home. Control your IOTTY Smart Switch using the free IOTTY app, Alexa, Siri, Google & More.

No additional devices required - Just install the free IOTTY app & you're ready to go! Featuring touch-sensitive glass, customizable backlighting, and unlimited automation. Control your switch with automations, voice-activation, or simply by touching the glass panel manually.

Easy DIY Installation, you can install it on your own in just a few minutes. Turn your home into a smart home today!



Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, you won't need any hub or central unit. 



Featuring a touch-sensitive tempered-glass finish, with a customizable backlight.