1 Switch Controller


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Featuring touch-sensitive glass, customizable backlighting, and unlimited automation. Control your switch with automations, voice-activation, or simply by touching the glass panel manually.

Remember to add a dimmer module for each switch that you'd like to have dimming capabilities!

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Customer Reviews

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Shivram, J.
Best light switch ever

These lights are nice, they make your home look more modern and updated. Even if you don't want the back lights on , these lights still look good with the glass face piece

Matthew G. (Memphis, US)
Great smart switch.

I purchased my smart switch a few months ago. When I opened the box, I really loved the design of the smart switch. I found it easy to install and had no issues with setup. The only downfall I found is the Blue LED indicator lights. The switch we bought, was for the master bedroom. We leave our fan on all the time, and since the fan is on the Blue LED indicator stays on. I would like to be able to lower the intensity of the LED or turn it off just like the back light. My wife has insomnia so the Blue LED does not help. Even though this is an issue, I still give this 5 stars and will purchase more soon.

Tina M. (New York, US)


Jose R. (Tampa, US)

Never an issue connected seemingly and no issues installing it.

Steve S. (Kingwood, US)
The Best Looking Smart Switches on the Market

I am certainly not an expert but I have installing and using smart switches for about 25 years. The new Iotty switches are easy to install and provide an elegant updated look to my home. I can't wait for the dimmers to be released.

Paul T. (Macomb, US)
Great stuff

Fast easy install. Love and will be buying more.

Sheila C. (New Orleans, US)
Very sleek!

I’m in love with my Iotty Smart Home wall plates. A great way to upgrade your home. I love the black lighting and having the capability to adjust to my liking.
Very sleek. I happy. Can’t wait to see you guys make the wall plug plates to compliment them!!

Daniel H. (Buckley, US)
Very modern and futuristic

I almost have all my switches installed. Works great with Alexa. And the automations are a lot of fun to experiment with

Daniel H. (Buckley, US)
Great product this is the future of smart home tech

Started installing them throughout my home
I’m different configs multi switch’s all paired to Alexa I’m
Blown away by what I can do with them

Herman B. (Houston, US)
It’s a switch and also is my families friend too!

Nice switches, top grade for the home! Hope they have multiple tang with fan control soon.