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Works great, and it gives the house more of a modern look as well.

Iotty switches are awesome.

Iotty switches are awesome to use, nice to look at and easy to install. I was worried that because they were connected to the WiFi they would be glitchy but they work better then expected. I’m extremely happy.

Thanks again


Looks great works great in love it
Price little to expensive

Excellent product

Looks very nice and very stable wifi connection.

I want more!

I bought these switches because I loved the look of them. After installation, setup was very easy. I did have some initial problems with the sensitivity of the buttons, but after a reset of the switch, no other problems have come up. I love the switch and would love to have more in the future.

Highly recommend

High quality products. Fast shipping. Excellent customer service.
Thank you very much!

Awesome light switch!

The Iotty light switch really set off the newly re-decorated bedroom.

Not one person who enters my house doesn't say something.

They are beyond cool. The outside lights automatically do their thing every day. Still got a 3-way issue, but we will get through that. I believe we have 15 switches changed over. What they do is well beyond WOW. Super product. One of my customers was in my house and he asked me who told me about them. I told him nobody. He is building a huge new home and must have 25+ switches that are going in. All Iotty. Can't wait till the house is finished to see everything all done.

Smart look

I love the look, already had several so already knew the holiday special was a great deal.
At first I had difficulty when creating a 3 way switch, till I figured out that you need to pair the 2 switches via the iotty app, The two switches will then connect & work great! The instructions & videos are vague in this area.


Product arrived in a timely manner, with no issues

A must buy

These switches are so elegant and modern. It gives elegance to the house. A bit expensive, but well worth it. Easy to install, but you must have a neutral line. I highly recommend it, you won’t regret the inbesto

Iotty smart home switches

I absolutely love this company and their products. I ordered their switches twice to remodel my whole house. They look incredible, very stylish modern chic. Costumer service is phenomenal and I strongly recommend them. I have issues to connect them to the app but it’s being resolved. I am waiting for 4 gang and switches with dimmers and will be purchasing them too.

The look and savings is what was acheaved

The look was the ultimate goal then the practicality of the units kicked in. I then went out and finished changing every bulb in the house over to LED. Now I just watch my savings. I needent say anything when visitors arrive. The compliments are non stop.

Great Quality Purchase

Looks great and works really well. I have lost connectivity and had to reset one or two of the switches at least twice a few weeks ago but hasn't happened again since. I really hope they eventually add outlet switches to their product line.

Looks Good

Iotty its an adding value for your walls; I bought Iotty for the whole house. Looks great; nonetheless, still having problems with switches that shares functions like ON in one wall and OFF in another wall. Try everything that support told me to do , but still the same problem; lights doesn’t turn on or off. Only known fixable solution is to reset internet every time.

Amazing beautiful and sleek. Love the product.

So my order had a delayed response from the customer service department but they were able to resolve the issue and replace the product. These switches are everything I thought they would we and more, beautiful, sleek, easy to install and user friendly. I love the automations. Every one loves them and I love recommending this light. Thanks for helping me resolving the issue. I appreciate it.

I absolutely love my iotty smart switches!

These smart switches add a different level of style and taste to your home! They functionally work great and just as good as any other smart switch, Except they are one in a kind for a smart switch that has the tempered glass design with 2 gang and 3 gang switches that actually get larger with the larger gang. Which is very important in the US where we have larger size switch boxes for larger gangs. So literally this is the only smart switch in the glass plate style that can be installed to replace a typical regular US 2 gang or 3 gang switch where all that is needed for install is to wire in the new switch (and no drywall work to make the gang box smaller is needed). So the additional cost of these switches compared to others, is definitely worth it considering the cost you would incur just to make those other switches fit where your existing regular switches are already installed. Not to mention, the Iotty design is so much more elegant than those other glass plate smart switches anyways. I am about 3/4 of the way in replacing all of my old regular switches with Iotty switches in my home. Regardless if it makes a lot of sense or not to have a smart switch at each location, I just love the way they add glamor to my home!

Great lights and work seamlessly in the house

They are fantastic and the three way option with other lights makes it seamless to operate around the house.

Beautiful light switch!

Had a little trouble at first getting glass plate to clip on but they sent me a replacement right away! Now we knew what we did wrong and was able to install the new one correctly! So happy with my new light switch! We enjoy using it and looking at it! Modern and elegant .. just beautiful!

Fantastic company

Great product, fantastic customer service!

IOTTY = Reliability, Elegance, Functionality

IOTTY switches are the most elegant, functional Smart Switches around. I have automated many houses including my own, and I always reccomend IOTTY. Once they see the switches in my house, before I even say anything, they want them. Support and Customer Service as well as R&D are top notch. If you want a smart switch that is Beautiful
and functions far beyond any other brands, IOTTY is for you.
You will not be disappointed.

Very nice light switches

These are the best, plus great support . I bought a couple to test then ended up doing my entire home with them.